dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Pedagogical approach: Inquiry learning

A research of Jarvela, Veermans and Leinonen (2008) shows the effects of computer supported inquiry learning on engagement in a literacy project. Two students participated, even thought they had very different motivational tendencies, both of them showed progressive task engagement. The results also illustrate how environments that are supported by technology can influence the way students construct their goals and activity.

I think this research is a great addition to the already existing literature on inquiry learning. Especially  in the context of pedagogical and technology-based learning environments. 

Järvelä, S., Veermans, M., & Leinonen, P. (2008). Investigating student engagement in computer
supported inquiry: a process-oriented analysis. Social psychology education, 11, 299-322. http://www.springerlink.com/content/wr815u5827105028/

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  1. Thanks for this reference! These authors have written more interesting articles..